Registered Managers Network

Skills for Care are building networks of Registered Managers across England, because we believe that there is strength in numbers. There are already over 120 networks across the country and we're working with Registered Managers to create new ones.

Care Focus are facilitating these meetings across Somerset and into Devon accompanied by Registered Managers who will chair the meetings and your Skills for Care Locality Manager.

We currently have registered manager networks in the following areas:

  • Devon
  • Mendip
  • South Somerset
  • Taunton, Sedgemoor and West Somerset

If you are looking for a registered managers network not included in the above list then you can visit the Skills for Care website for a full list of contacts and areas by clicking here. There are already over 120 networks across the country and Skills for Care are working with registered managers to create new ones.

Run by Registered Managers and supported by Skills for Care, your local Registered Managers Network offers the opportunity to share best practice in a safe space and discuss experiences and issues. The networks act as a local support. Registered managers can feel a lot of pressure and isolation and the best people to understand how complex your role is can be other registered managers. Your local Registered Managers Network is growing and we would be delighted to welcome you to our next meeting.

The network meets a minimum of three times a year and is always chaired by a registered manager. The agenda is set by registered managers who attend, to make sure that the discussions are always beneficial. This network was developed to bring social care professionals together.

Suggested agenda items include:

  • Employment law
  • Staff motivation
  • Conflict management
  • G.P. availability (waiting for appointments)
  • Care Certificate
  • CQC - how to be outstanding

(Agendas for each meeting will be sent once you have booked your place)

Meetings are planned in the following areas: (Click on the links below to book your place)

Mendip (Coxley) 7th March 2017

Devon (Exeter) 8th March 2017

South Somerset (Yeovil) 14th March 2017

West Somerset (Taunton) 30th March 2017