Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

To raise awareness for World Mental Health Day 2016 we have put together a range of free mental health resources from the web. We have included a range of mental health resources including videos, guides and organisations that can provide support. Please contact us if there are any additional resources you would like added to this page.

General Mental Health Resources

Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities

This free workbook from Skills for Care for Standard 9 of the Care Certificate covers a range of topics on mental health. It provides essential knowledge during the induction of workers in health and social care.

Fundamental Facts About Mental Health

This Fundamental Facts document produced by the Mental Health Foundation is a resource for everyone interested in mental health and prevention. It covers the extent of mental health, differences, factors, treatment and the cost of mental health problems.

Mental health and brain injury

This factsheet produced by Headway is to help you understand the differences and overlap between brain injury and mental health, and what to do if you suspect that you have a mental health condition after your brain injury.


Psychosis and Schizophrenia Resources

Understanding Psychosis

This PDF booklet from Mind is for those who experience or has experienced psychosis, and their friends and family. It gives a clear explanation covering what psychosis is, diagnosis, what may cause it and what treatment, support and help is available.

What is Psychosis? Mental Health with Kati Morton

An excellent video of Kati Morton talking about psychosis including what it is, what does it look and feel like those who have psychosis. She also covers the different types of psychosis and what they look like individually.

Expereince a psychotic episode as described by Schizophrenics

This video aims to give a first person perspective simulation of what it is like to have a psychotic episode.

Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia

This publication has been produced by the British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology and provides an in depth guide to psychosis.

Mindfulness for psychosis

This editorial by Professor Paul Chadwick which provides research into using mindfulness, a type of meditation to help with psychosis.


Older People and Mental Health Resources

Improving services and support for older people with mental health problems

This report from Age Concern sets out to answer an important and timely question: How can we improve services and support for older people with mental health problems?

Promoting Mental Health and Well-being in Later Life

A guide for commissioners of older people’s services. This booklet from Age UK offers commissioners an easy guide to services that promote good mental health and well-being in later life.

A Clinician’s Guide to: Low Intensity CBT with older people

This workbook presents an opportunity for Low Intensity CBT practitioners to review the skills; competencies and knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently deliver Low Intensity CBT (LICBT) with older people.


Depression Resources

Understanding Depression

This booklet produced by MIND describes the symptoms of depression and the different kinds of treatment available. It suggests ways that you can help individuals, and what family and friends can do.

Depression Moodjuice Self-Help Guide

This book aims to help individuals to recognise symptoms, understand what depression is and find ways to manage and overcome depression.

All About Depression

This booklet from the Mental Health Foundation is for people with depression, their carers, families and friends

Men and Depression

This leaflet from The Royal College of Psychiatrists is for any man who is depressed, their friends and their family. Men seem to suffer from depression just as often as women, but they are less likely to ask for help.

Depression and Parkinson’s

This information sheet from Parkinson's UK explains what the symptoms of depression are and some of the potential causes. It also describes how depression can be treated and gives details of where to find more information and advice.


Anxiety Resources

Rethink Anxiety Factsheet

This factsheet gives information on anxiety disorders, how they are diagnosed, possible causes and treatments. It can help carers, friends or relatives of someone with an anxiety disorder.

Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks

This booklet from MIND is aimed at anyone who experiences anxiety. It looks into the causes of anxiety, its effects and what to do to reduce it to a manageable level.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills Training Workbook

The aim of this workbook by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is to introduce you to a number of tools that will help you build up your own “tool bag” which will give you some skills to manage your mood.

An Introductory Self-Help Course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This mini 7-step self-help course includes an introduction to techniques which could be useful for all, but professional help should be sought for complex or long-standing problems.

Making sense of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

This information is for anyone with a mental health problem who is interested in knowing more about cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).