Learning Disability Resources

Learning Disability Resources

We have gathered a range of learning disability resources from around the web. Click on the titles to view them which will open in a new window. Some links will be a PDF and require adobe acrobat reader.

Positive Behaviour Support guide

This 16-page guide to covers the definition of challenging behaviours and their triggers; identification of proactive and reactive support strategies; and plan implementation, monitoring and review.

Staying Safe Online

This easy read guide has been produced for people with a learning disability and provides a range of information to keep them safe online when using Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Email.

"Supporting Me"

This easy read guide is for Personal Assistants employed by or for someone with a learning disability. It covers a range of topics including communication, decision making, relationships and much more.

Getting it right for people with learning disabilities

This booklet recognises the unique contribution that carers and families make to the lives of their relatives. It was produced with carers who have had direct experience of hospitals and it draws on what would have helped them in supporting their relatives. It aims to provide useful information for other carers who find themselves in similar situations.

Injury and Fall Prevention for People with Learning Disabilities

The aim of this resource guide is to raise awareness of the causes and types of injuries and falls experienced by people with learning disabilities, amongst those who care for or support them, and to provide practical information and resources to help prevent injuries and falls.

The Keys to Life

This guide from the Scottish Government is about improving quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

Talking Together

This guide is about facilitating peer support activities to help people with learning disabilities understand about growing older and living with dementia.

Making meetings accessible for people with learning difficulties

This easy to read guide provides some excellent tips on increasing involvement for those that you work with in your organisation.

Communicating with people with a learning disability

This guide is designed to provide a brief introduction to communication, and the problems faced by someone with a learning disability. It also contains tips on how you can be a better communicator, and how you can help someone with a learning disability to get their message across.

A Guide to the Human Rights Act

This booklet is for people with Learning Disabilities to help them understanding what the Human Rights Act means to them.

Personal Health Budgets - Including people with learning disabilities 

This guide has been developed from work with three sites and a network of individuals and organisations who are supporting the roll out of personal health budgets to people with learning disabilities.

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities - A Guide for Teachers

This guide is intended as a starting point for teachers exploring what they might do to support students with learning disabilities.

Eating well: children and adults with learning disabilities

This is an evidence-based report which summarises available information on the nutritional needs of children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. It also looks at issues around food choice and eating well, and provides practical information to support these groups and those caring for or supporting them.

Meeting the health needs of people with learning disabilities

This updated guide has been developed to support registered nurses and nursing students across the range of health services, who are trained in fields other than learning disabilities, to deliver high-quality health care to people with learning disabilities.

Dignity in health care for people with learning disabilities

This guidance, developed by the Royal College of Nursing Learning Disability Nursing Forum, aims to improve dignity in health care for people with learning disabilities. While designed primarily to support the nursing workforce working in all health care settings, other health care and social care staff may also find this publication a useful resource.

Learning Disability Hate Crime

This good practice guidance is for crime & disorder reduction partnerships and learning disability partnership boards.

Vision and People with Learning Disabilities: Guidance for GPs

This guidance aims to support GPs and primary health care teams to identify sight loss and visual impairment in their patients with learning disabilities to signpost them to appropriate specialist services.

Whose decision?

This guide helps with preparation for and implementation of the Mental Capacity Act (now in place) in statutory and non-statutory services in England and Wales.