Care Certificate Workbooks and Guidance

Care Certificate Workbooks and Guidance

Care Certificate Standards

The Care Certificate Standards apply to both health and social care and provides those new to working with the fundamental knowledge needed to provide high quality care. It provides workers with a foundation of knowledge which they can then further develop throughout their career. A full list of the standards can be found by clicking here.

Assessment of the Care Certificate must be undertaken within the workplace and evidence of competency and knowledge can be logged using the assessment plan, observation record and feedback sheet provided by Skills for Care. These documents can be completed electronically and it is recommended to reference the filenames for easy retrieval.

There is no one-stop solution for completing the Care Certificate and all the resources from Skills for Care are completely free so it shouldn't cost you much to complete it.


Care Certificate Workbooks by Skills for Care

The Care Certificate Workbooks are presented in fifteen downloadable resources in PDF format, as well as an introduction and glossary. Skills for Care have also provided progress, mapping and sign off documents for each standard so you can keep track of evidence towards completing the certificate. This comprises of knowledge based and observational evidence.

Each Standard includes knowledge content and concludes with a section where learners can record their understanding and evidence that they have completed each of the standards.

The Care Certificate workbooks are in PDF format and are editable so you do not need to print copies of each booklet. We recommend that you download a copy of each Care Certificate workbook and then save them into a folder with the name of the employee completing them.

Introduction - Care Certificate workbook

  1. Understand your role - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  2. Your personal development - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  3. Duty of care - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  4. Equality and diversity - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  5. Work in a person centred way - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  6. Communication - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  7. Privacy and dignity - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  8. Fluids and nutrition - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  10. Safeguarding adults - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  11. Safeguarding children - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  12. Basic life support - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  13. Health and safety - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  14. Handling information - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff
  15. Infection prevention and control - Care Certificate workbook - Progress, mapping and signoff 

Glossary - Care Certificate workbook

If you do decide to print these booklets then there are printer friendly versions of the Care Certificate workbooks can be downloaded here in a zip file.

Saving this evidence

The assessments in these workbooks contain fillable form fields. If the workbooks are filled in on a computer they can be saved using ‘Save as’. Learners should be encouraged to save their work and share back with employers. Employers may wish to save this alongside their other staff records.

Employer responsibility to assess competence, provide additional learning

There is no answer book to accompany the workbooks. It is the responsibility of each health and social care employer to judge the competency of their workers and arrange additional training, support and supervision as required.

Use of the Care Certificate Workbook is optional

The use of the workbook is completely optional for all and employers may wish to adapt or develop their own materials to meet the standards. Employers can choose to incorporate some or all of the Care Certificate Workbook into their induction programmes.

Please note: The Care Certificate Workbook is not available in a hard copy format. This is to ensure the resource can be produced and maintained free of charge to employers. Skills for Care has not received any funding to produce hard copies - should there be significant employer demand, we would consider introducing this as a priced publication.

Care Certificate Presentations

Skills for Care, Skills for Health and Health Education England have developed accompanying slides to support the delivery of the underpinning knowledge for the Care Certificate. These presentations complement the Care Certificate Workbook.

Care Certificate Assessment and Recording Evidence

Skills for Care have issued guidance to support assessors responsible for making the decision if a care worker has met the 15 standards of the Care Certificate.

To be an assessor you must have a thorough understanding and direct experience in what you’re assessing. This could be a qualification related to the role of assessor but there is no requirement for assessors of the Care Certificate to hold any assessor qualification.

You can use the self-assessment tool and reflective log with new workers before they start their induction so you can tailor it to their training needs.

CQC Inspectors Guide to the Care Certificate

The CQC has recently published a brief guide to inspectors on what evidence for the Care Certificate they should look for during a visit.

  • Look for evidence in the provider’s induction policy that the Care Certificate forms part of the induction process. If the Care Certificate is not used, what does the provider use in its place to meet the 15 common standards (see appendix).
  • Speak to staff members. Are they aware of the 15 core standards? Is the training and assessment effective?
  • Examine healthcare support worker/adult social care worker personal files and supervision notes. How does the provider assess competency within the core standards? How often is competency reviewed? Is there evidence of this within the supervision and appraisal documentation?
  • Do supervisors gather evidence from patients, residents, carer’s and colleagues about a learner’s ability to carry out specific tasks?
  • Can managers give any examples when staff have not met the standards? What happens in this situation? Are staff given additional time, supervision and support to meet standards?
  • Do staff know about the code of conduct for healthcare support worker/adult social care worker? Is it displayed anywhere?

View the full brief at:

Additional Care Certificate Resources

Full details of each standard will be covered in this document:

A template of the partnership approved Certificate can be found below. This is to award employees who have completed the Care Certificate.
Employers also have the choice to implement their own logo onto the Care Certificate to issue. For these employers we must make you aware that the certificate is only valid if the Care Certificate logo remains on the top right and their organisation's appears on the bottom right. Please find an editable version below:
The Care Certificate - Word Version
There are other resources and materials available which link into the Care Certificate and may help put the general materials above into context. These can be found here.